“A Love Letter To Home”

This is a very personal project for us as it is a collection of references from our childhood and re-occurring moments which have shaped our personalities.

We are extremely happy to present you our new collection titled “A Love Letter To Home”!

“A Love Letter To Home” is pretty much a dissection of what influenced our upbringing. It reflects on how we understood what we saw around us and how we were able to build our own perception. It is a mixture of our moods, emotions and energy and a reflection of how they interact with our “Home”.

The garments from the collection refer to clothing pieces that have stayed in our mind from the past. However, they are seen through the lens of our current understanding and vision. The campaign for this collection was also build around moments, which we find significant for our growth. We decided to play with those moments in an ironical and goofy way, which can be seen throughout the lookbook and editorial content. What is more, we decided to round up the campaign with a video we created and like to call “Our Wannabe TV ad”.

We are really happy to be able to present you this collection and believe you should enjoy it. Thank you all so much and we hope you will continue supporting us. Now go and buy some new pieces from our collection “A Love Letter To Home”.