AMOK Summer ’18

Summer ’18 was pivotal for us. We met some super cool people, we got our first office and we did our first collection consisting of more than just printed tees and hoodies.

So we got the office, right, so we started going there every day and spending the whole day there, exchanging views, ideas and thoughts. In the mornings we would go and buy a tone of shit from second hand stores than go to the office put the AC on and just start playing around with the stuff we had just bought. We cut out parts of clothes just to use the materials and sew others together to put our own twist on the garments, finally resulting in the creation of the Summer ’18 collection.

I feel like this collection brought a lot of positive things to our team. This is when we began including more people to our creative process and basically lived together for a couple of months establishing a connection between each other. This by itself led to the creation of the positive energy we still have and with which we associate ourselves.

Nevertheless, this was our first opportunity to work together with our good friend Gianni ( who we unconditionally love.