“An Eastern European Love Story”

This was our first ever collaboration. Eastern Europe’s finest have always been one of our favorite Bulgarian brands and were also an inspiration for us to create merchandise through AMOK. Therefore, we were more than happy to get the opportunity to work together and create this capsule. 

Straight from the start we knew we wanted to represent our eastern identity through this collection and try to create this image, which people with similar to our upbringing would directly recognize and associate with. “An Eastern European Love Story” shows our characters put in between the eastern reality they are living in and the dreams of a western lifestyle, which are often propagandized and labeled as better in our community. 

In the meantime, the lookbook sees those characters through the prism of the family life and tries to ironize the western ideal. The graphics, while being simple, aim at representing both sides of our character. The rose and the colors we used are symbolic for the culture we grew up with, however the movie title tee is a reference for the “western dreams” we all fell in love with through the power of Hollywood. 

We hope you enjoyed this one and keep your eyes opened for our future collaborative work.