Kids On The Move

Kids On The Move is our latest work, it is a project which marks a new step in our growth and we are quite excited to present it.

With Kids On The Move we want to address a few views, emotions and ideas about life in general. As we always mention, the aim of our projects is to express our mindset at a certain point of time and after observing our surroundings lately there are three points we wanted to address through this collection and its presentation: Simplicity, Positivity and Seriousness.

Simplicity. Creating is simple. Enjoying is simple. Sharing the joy is even more simple. During the creative process leading up to this collection we had one main rule, do not complicate stuff, let it be how it is. We wanted to present our garments in the most natural way possible and let them show for themselves. This is why we put everyone in front of the white wall, nothing to steal your attention, just the clothes, the models and the energy they bring out.

Positivity. Having a positive mindset is essential in all our work. We cannot stress enough the need of being problem-solving driven. Overcoming obstacles and facing problems one by one is what helps you grow and excel. This leads me to another ideology we have been following from the start: Strive to build the best version of yourself, and this is not possible without looking positively in the future and believing in the possibility of achieving everything you set to. Rebellious kids and being angry at everything is a pretty overrated concept in street fashion. Therefore, we wanted our visuals to rather bring smiles, laughs and happiness. Because that is cool, or at least that should be cool.

Seriousness. Do not take everything occurring with and around you seriously. Concentrate on moving forward, improving and creating happiness for yourself and the people you encounter during your growth. Taking yourself seriously sucks, like for real, who do you think you are? In no way it means you need to underestimate everything you achieve, it means that you should not use those achievements to put others down, but rather make better for them as well. Put your priorities in order and just enjoy your journey. This concept has been in the centre of our team for a while. Therefore, we wanted to create the same atmosphere we always have when working together to the photoshoot for this collection. We wanted to establish a casual “hang out” experience so we can bring out the most natural version of our models and try to translate this energy through all the visuals.

This project was a whole new experience for us and just the start of a new period for AMOK. We believe you will enjoy it and hope to see your support in the future. Make sure to check our Instagram for the full lookbook.

yours truly,

amok kids